Elegantiškas Mėlynas Magnetinis Dėklas su Piniginės Funkcija Motorola Edge 40 Neo – Įvairios Spalvos + Stiklas

Mėlynas Magnetinis Dėklas Kortelių Kišenėmis Motorola Edge 40 Neo – Įvairios Spalvos + Stiklas⭐ ELEGANTIŠKAS DĖKLAS IŠ EKO-ODOS SU SILIKONO PAGRINDU, KORTELIŲ KIŠENĖS, LAIKIKLIS. Apsaugokite savo telefoną su stiliaus ir kokybės deriniu!✨✅ Įvairios spalvos pasirinkimui. Patvarus EKO-odas ir silikonas užtikrina aukštą atsparumą smūgiams ir kritimams. Optimalus apsaugos ir funkcionalumo derinys.


Blue Magnet Case Wallet Case for Motorola Edge 40 Neo VARIOUS COLORS + GLASS



Surprise Yourself and Stand Out with Exceptional QUALITY

Fits the phone – Motorola Edge 40 Neo


  • Card pockets
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Perfectly fitted
  • Protection against impact
  • Silicone base – attachment
  • High-quality eco-leather
  • All necessary cutouts and openings
  • High-quality Eco-Leather
  • Folding back – stand for watching movies

Attention – The case has a MAGNET closure

Protective 9H glass included

Colors to choose from:

1. Black – 2. Brown – 3. Green – 4. Red – 5. Gold – 6. Navy – 8. Pink

A case that surprises with its level of attractiveness, quality, and safety.

Durable ECO-Leather and silicone provide high resistance to impacts and drops.


High-quality Eco-Leather.


Durable construction protects your phone from falls.

Closure with a built-in magnet on both sides


Comfort and easy access to cards or documents.


The case can be folded, turning it into a convenient stand. Perfect for watching movies or browsing photos.

Elegant WALLET CASE that meets the highest demands of our customers.

Precise cutouts and embossments allow for easy use of buttons and easy connection of the charger or other devices using the USB port.

Description of 9H Tempered Glass

The glass included in the case as a free gift is flat glass.

This means that the glass covers only the LCD screen of the phone and not 100%.

The LCD screen of the smartphone is the illuminated part.

The glass does not cover elements of the phone other than the screen.

The glass in the set does not have a cutout for the front camera.

Main features:

  • 9H hardness, protects against scratches
  • Oleophobic coating, protects the screen from liquids and fingerprints
  • Perfect transparency does not change colors and brightness of colors
  • High-quality glass protects from the smallest impacts
  • The adhesive on the entire surface fits perfectly to the screen and works flawlessly with touch

How to use:

  1. Thoroughly degrease and clean the screen
  2. Remove the protective film from the glass
  3. Apply the glass to the screen keeping an even distance from its edges
  4. Gently press the glass, this will speed up the bonding effect

Dedicated model

The case fits the Motorola Edge 40 Neo model, check if the camera layout in your phone is identical to the one shown in the picture.

Dimensions: 159.63 x 71.99 x 7.79 mm


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